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Walktrough for Y.A.A.G. demo. I'm posting it since the medals were glitched for some time sadly, and this resulted in some users getting them all at once for free.

OK so you wake up undressed, unwashed and unshaven. You can get washed and shaven in the bathroom. On the below screen the bathtubes where you can get washed are circled in red, while the vanity case and the basin where you can get shaven are circled in green:


You can only get shaven if you've already washed yourself.

You can get dressed (red) in your room, where you can also take your riches of 200G (green) and look through the window (blue):


You can only get dressed if you've already washed yourself. The window is just for dialogue, and the 200G is meaningless in the demo.

To the left there are stairs leading downstairs and to the attic. In the attic there is nothing to do except to read a dialogue about your sister's room.

Now downstairs:


Stepping on white will make you overhear a conversation among other members of your family. You can now either proceed down and have your breakfast or, if you're not dressed or shaven yet, go back upstairs. Getting washed or dressed or shaven after overhearing this conversation will make you late for breakfast, with the explanation being that going back and forth took too much time.

If you don't go back upstairs you can step on red to start a conversation with your family. You will then have to choose one of the four routes of dialogue: (a) "Er..." - don't argue; (b) Compain about sis' "heartwarming greeting": this will be considered arguing if you subsequently call her a douche or not arguing if you "swallow your pride"; (c) pointing out that girls don't have to shave (only available if you're unshaven): this will be considered arguing if you subsequently accusse her of troublemaking or not arguing otherwise; (d) Complaining about clothing moths (only available if you're dressed): this is considered not arguing, but I plan to make it relevant in the "full game" whether or not this option was chosen.

After having finished this converstation you can still be late for breakfast by going back upstairs and getting washed/shaven/dressed. Or you can click on the table to obtain beer and continue your dialogue with your family. You can now either complain that your sis' jokes are getting old or accuse her of loving the booze. The latter option will have a different dialogue depending on whether you were arguing with your sis before and if you did, you will additionally get the Quarrelsome medal if you choose this dialogue option.

Anyway you cannot eat your breakfast while holding beer, so you have to either spill it through the window (green) or in the sink (yellow). Then click the table again to have your breakfast.

Alternatively, as long as you didn't go back upstairs to get dressed/washed/shaven, you can have your breakfast by clicking blue.

Now being late for breakfast and stepping below white gives you the Sleepyhead medal and shows dialogue, which will change depending on whether you did or did not engage with the first conversation with your dining family. Also if you did not, the dialgoue can optionally continue if you step on black without going back upstairs in the meantime.

You can go outta home (and get the Baby steps medal) if you have had your breakast and are both dressed and shaven. If you additionally manage to do all of this without talking to your family, you also get the Misanthrope medal. This is only possible if you go down dressed and shaven and eat your breakfast in the kitchen without going to the dining room. Having to dress or to shave after overhearing the family's conversation will forfeit your chances to get this medal as this will make you meet your sis as soon as you come back downstairs.

Recent Game Medals

1,025 Points

Baby steps 5 Points

Leave your home.

Ace of Spades 5 Points

Get a single spade in a spin

Three's Company 10 Points

Win with three hearts.

Escape 50 Points

Escape the lab

2/8 Flowers 5 Points

Find the 2nd flower

1/8 Flowers 5 Points

Find the 1st flower

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Businessman 10 Points

Complete mission 10

Mediocre Farmer 5 Points

Complete mission 5